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The Coffee Box, a Forney style engine used on the Mohnsville & Adamstown railroad, at the station in Mohnsville

Passengers Delayed
Experience of a party who went to Adamstown
Reading Eagle , June 21, 1895

The Cornwall engine which was brought to Reading several weeks ago and placed on the siding on the river bank below the power house of the Reading & Southwestern railroad company, has been taken over this road for use on the Mohnsville & Adamstown railroad, where 2 engines will be run instead of only 1. Strict schedule time is not observed on this road with only 1 engine. Several citizens of Reading went to Adamstown on business, Thursday. They left this city at 2:30 pm over the Reading & Southwestern. At Mohnsville they waited over an hour until the car started from there for Adamstown, and arrived at the latter place at 4:40. They were told that the next car after that one would leave Adamstown at 7 pm. The car arrived at 7:10 and just before reaching Mohnsville a halt was made for water and in the meantime the car from Mohnsville for Reading left and the passengers upon reaching the station learned they arrived just 2 minutes too late. The passengers waited ¾ of an hour before the next car started for Reading and on the way  backed twice some distance to sidings to allow a car from Reading to pass, and it was after 9 pm when Reading was reached.

The crew on the Mohnsville & Adamstown road said: “On the last trip we leave Adamstown when we are ready and do not try to connect with the car leaving Mohnsville for Reading at 7:30.”

Webmaster's note: Apparently, the author of this article was incorrect on the make of the engine. It was in fact a Forney style engine. Purchased second hand from a New York City elevated train line.



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