Mohnton (Mohnsville) Post Office and Postmasters

The article originally appeared in a publication commemorating Mohnton's 75th anniversary in 1982.

The first post office to be established in what is now the borough of Mohnton was opened in 1857. It was named Mohn's Store Post Office and mail so postmarked in 1894 is in existence. This first post office was located in Mohn's General Store on the northeast corner of Wyomissing Avenue and Church Street. The owner of the store, Samuel K. Mohn was also the postmaster. The town in those days was known as Mohnsville and mail was often addressed using this name rather than the Mohn's Store. This caused confusion in mail channels because of the similarity in names with Mohrsville. Finally, when the borough was incorporated, this problem was eliminated as the post office officially became Mohnton.

The first mail was brought from Reading to Mohnton by stage coach. Later it was brought from the city by trolley and hauled from the station to the post office by wheelbarrow. Mr. Nelson Kohl was the last person to haul the mail in this manner. In about 1936, the Star Route service was established with a truck delivering the mail to Mohnton, Shillington and Lincoln Park.In 1902, two rural routes were established under the Mohnton post office. Charles B. Hornberger was the first rural carrier on the No. 1 route, serving for 42 years. The first carrier on the No. 2 route was Paul Warner. He was followed in 1920 by Claude J. Weber who served for 30 years. Others who have served as rural carriers are: Aaron Warner, Claude H. Werner, Charles F. High, George H. Beard, Charles Fritz, W. Alton Werner, Earl Pangburn and Donald Herbst. Also, John Wentzel, Charles Myers, Donald Fredericks and James Kantner. In 1908 the No. 1 route was 23 miles long and served 300 people. Today it is 46 miles long and serves 633 families. The No. 2 route first served 300 people and was 25 miles long; today it is 32 miles long and serves 657 families. Several years ago the two routes were divided and reapportioned so that a No. 3 route being 48 miles long serves 606 families. The first rural carriers used horse and buggy transportation; today of course, the automobile is used.

Village delivery service was established in the borough in 1928. In 1945 it was classified as City Delivery Service.

Ellis Werner was the first village carrier. Today there are two city routes serving 1,086 families. Mohnton has from time to time, depending on postal receipts, been a first and second class office. At present it is second class.

Parcel Post delivery service was started in 1945 with Milton H. Werner as carrier. The first office clerk was Evelyn N. Hornberger who began in 1926 and served for more than 35 years. Others who have worked in the postal service are: Franklin R. Myers, Robert W. Epier, William R. Werner, Paul Horning, C. Werner Miller, Shirley Columbo, Debbie Tothero, Anita Puntillo, Thomas Bortz, Thomas Weik, Robert Snyder, Donald Focht, Patricia Hatt and Nancy Barbis.

The present post office building was dedicated on June 4, 1966 with a program held in front of the edifice. Music for the occasion was provided by the Governor Mifflin Junior High School Band. Congressman George M. Rhodes made some remarks during the program, while the main address was given by Mr. Donald S. Stevens, a postal service officer. Following is a list of Postmasters with the years they served and the location

List compiled by Mohnton Historian Paul L. Beavens Sr.
used with permission


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